Message from the Chairman


General manager:

"Mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, only to see gold" Xuzhou Huaihai fire groupsince 1964, after fifty years, under the correct leadership of the Party committee,government at all levels, with the strong support of all the leaders of the concern andthe social from all walks of life, is rising at an alarming rate.

Achievement and honor room the social from all walks of life to our affirmation, we regard it as a new starting point start, we will live up to what the society from all walks of life to our new, continue to become bigger and stronger, doing excellent businessgoal, hope that leaders at all levels, friends and colleagues as always care and support us.

Looking back on the past, as the years, strong rose, a little result we achieved todayare the social from all walks of life to our love. All we can do is to do well the enterprise, dedicated, diligent to serve the society and reimbursement of the motherland, we view the product quality is the life of enterprise, to make our products can become the enemy fire the dedication of its light and heat!

Built a hundred years Huaihai, a record of domestic brands!