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Xuzhou City Huaihai Fire Equipment Co. Ltd. is the first fixed-point and the Ministry of Public Security issued the first fire product is one of the permits. Founded in 1964, set up in 1998 in Xuzhou City restructuring Huaihai Fire Equipment Limited, which is engaged in the fire product research and development, production, sales, installation, service and technology-intensive enterprises, and China University of Mining, and Nanjing formation of a cooperative research and development partnership. The company for 19.8 million yuan of fixed assets and various professional production, testing and automation equipment over 100, the company's full year total output value of 60 million yuan. Entering the 21st century Huaihai Xuzhou City Fire Equipment Co. Ltd. growing scale of development, with the Huaihai Xuzhou City Fire Equipment Co. Ltd., Xuzhou City-Chi Fire Equipment Co. Ltd., Xuzhou AU-storage Limited, Xuzhou Huaihai fire engineering company, set fire equipment, fire works, goods storing objects integrated with the modernization of production plants, and advanced office facilities, robust production process and improve the Quality Management System, a complete detection means to ensure that products meet the Huaihai advanced, stable and reliable technology and world-class quality. 

Xuzhou City Huaihai Fire Equipment Co. Ltd. with portable production and pusher - type dry powder fire extinguishers, and the pusher - type portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, fire extinguishers Series flag, handheld and cart-clean gas fire extinguishers, portable and pusher - type water-based fire extinguishers, fire hydrant and outdoor pumps adapter, Eight fire box fire series of product types recognized credentials. Fire companies in production equipment, on the basis of constant innovation and the development of new products, developed powder filling machines, test compressor, gas filling equipment, valve on the machine and other fire equipment manufacturing equipment. In 2006, the company was the installation of fire engineering qualifications, and can undertake external fire engineering for the company's next stage of development open up a new situation.

Early in the new year, the company successfully passed the Fire type products approved for the new version of the standard conditions of the factory inspection, we Jiangsu Province dozens of fire companies through this third inspection of enterprises.
In order to standardize enterprise management, enterprise management level to a new height, and in 2003 the first to pass the ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification, and in 2006 through the ISO9001-2000 quality management system audit Minute commentary, the establishment of a set of practical, comprehensive, value-added, continuing improvements in the quality management system.

Xuzhou City Huaihai Fire Equipment Co. Ltd. With decades "Huaihai products, goods goods are fine" advantages, selling products at home and abroad, and a pillar in Russia, Brazil, the United States and other countries, and companies, as "services" for the life of enterprise, service penetration in concept development, best registry cleaners, design , production, manufacture, install, operate every aspect of everywhere to provide customers with premium services, the customer, respect for customers, customer demand and potential willingness to make timely convenient appropriate response, and creativity to achieve customer satisfaction, so that customers become our eternal friends, shape into the Huai Consumers unique service culture.

Business philosophy:For the quality of products, in terms of price, quality after-sales service to provide customers with the necessary products.

Enterprises purpose:Your needs is our pursuit of your peace is our responsibility, Huaihai products, materials goods carefully.